My name is Astha, & I live on theories. Welcome to my blog!

I consider myself to be a keen observer, a fanatic when it comes to work (yes, that does get me in trouble), an ardent Sherlock Holmes (as well as Benedict Cumberbatch) fan, and an old soul folk who would go absolute philosophical because life keeps on perplexing. Not yet figured out if I’m much of a commander or a campaigner, whatever that be, I do not judge.

At this place, you’d find certain poetries and a plethora of articles on vivid themes like law, tech, and society. (Did I mention I’m a student of law?) Apologies for every time I’ve left y’all hanging without an update.

Do leave a comment to tell me what you feel about my work or anything you wish to share… there’s so much to learn in this world, probably you can help?