Farewell 2024: Reflections on Journey from Law School

Everything has changed and yet I am more me than I’ve ever been!

Iain Thomas

It’s a bit difficult to put into words how bittersweet this experience has been. Sweet because of these incredible people, and bitter because it’s kinda over? But as one senior told me, it’s a misnomer to say we’ve parted ways this soon. So, I’d rather focus on how enthralling these associations have been, so far.

Law school was certainly less about studying law and more of a practical management course for me.

Throughout my half-decade journey, I had the pleasure of being part of various centres and committees in different capacities at the university, including the Moot Court Committee, the Legal Aid & Support Centre, the Centre for Human Rights, Gender & Social Inclusion, and the Centre for Constitutional Law & Human Rights. And I can’t begin to tell you how incredible it feels to be in proximity of individuals with such profound calibre & generosity, but only that I always intended to embed the positives in myself, even if just an ounce. I’ve learnt my lessons, and enjoyed by heart, while of course, keeping up with rants & trying to forge the best show of times. So when it was time for me to lead a team myself, I was determined to use all my experiences and knowledge to the best of my abilities. Did I? That’s a question not for me to dwell upon right now, haha.

I’m immensely proud of the powerful team I’ve had the privilege to convene. Exactly as I envisioned—zealous, spirited, thoughtful, and driven by a desire to make a difference.

They say the journey is more important than the destination. I’ve always chosen strong leadership above other factors because, to better yourself, the least you can do is to keep moving constantly. And good leadership ensures that. I have dedicated myself to them all. Indeed, my expectations have not always been met, my hard work did not yield any acknowledgement at times, and my mental health suffered because of who I am as a person. Indeed, I messed up at times. Despite all these ups and downs, I’m grateful for the individuals I met and retained. I’m grateful to those who had my back, those who have been kind enough to understand, or just been themselves in general. I’m content with the fact that I could add value, and revolutionize a few things, even if small. That’s my contribution. I wanted to do more, but now that’s for my successors to take care of. Every encounter has bettered me and my perspectives. I’ve gained realizations about myself and the world at length that will keep me going for long. Every experience has shaped me for the better. To every life that has touched me—thank you!

It’s about the love and support I’ve been showered with from individuals coming from all walks of life—seniors, juniors, faculties, and batchmates. That’s what I shall take from here.

Listing down a few of my most important lessons from this roller coaster ride.

  • I had this question for a while now—whether it’s about the basics or the ideations? The answer is that the basics are dynamic and abstract—they vary from person to person. My basics are my standards and somebody else’s are theirs. What I behold and embed in myself became my standards. I’ve learned that the world will not stand on your parameters, but you must also not be reduced by that. You always have the power to mould the situation, or at least your perspective.
  • One always has the opportunity to bring change. No matter what capacity one holds, it’s only a matter of thought and persuasion, for the answer is always a no if you do not ask.
  • While going all guns, remember not to exhaust all your energy. You have to take care of yourself before the world. You will indeed meet toxic people who do not value or recognise you and your work, ready to take in everything you have to offer, even if it means on account of your own deterioration. So save up! Be your own cheerleader, and trust the process. Your value and your worth don’t lie in the hands of others.

Read more about the tolling effect on mental health: Rise like a phoenix.

  • Patience & Discipline are to keep. Everything takes time, be proactive in your approach yet remain cordial & respectful even if things go south.
  • Paybacks are not always monetary in nature. Being part of the management body (that’s what I’d call these associations) is not just about organizing and giving a good experience to the participants. Networking & learning is the key, in law school or anywhere else you go. Find your payback!
  • Don’t shy away from taking the road not taken. Your team shall not be perfect. No place is, and no person is. People will disappoint you, but it’s on you what you make out of it. As a leader, look for the best solution and the optimal utilisation of what you have. You have to find the best in all, and I assure you, everybody has something or the other to offer for the good.
  • Remain a learner, for as long as you can. You will commit mistakes, and get into trouble. Don’t let these setbacks take a toll on you or feel like a personal loss.
It's not about money. It's about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it.

Rest, go ahead, and conquer the world! There will always be those kind enough to help when you’re about to give up, lend you a hand when you’re about to fall, and cheer for you on your smallest wins. The way shall find you, always!

Cheers to the journey that shaped us and the memories that will forever keep the buzz alive! 

Upwards & Onwards!

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