Speaking at WC Mumbai 2023: An experience to remember!

I recently had the privilege of attending WordCamp Mumbai 2023, and I must say it was a truly captivating experience. Held at Hotel Rangsharda, Bandra, on the 28th and 29th of October 2023, this event was particularly special to me because it marked my second WordCamp attendance and my very first time as a resource person. This incredible journey began with WordCamp Bhopal 2023, and my enthusiasm has only grown stronger with WordCamp Mumbai.

As an attendee, WordCamps have a lot to offer- access to insightful sessions on vivid topics, tremendous networking opportunities, sponsor swags, along an experience for you to belong. Seeing a significant representation of women & specially-abled was a very thoughtful angle given to this Conference at #WCMumbai.


WordCamp Mumbai is one of the oldest and most prestigious WordCamps in India, and the 2023 edition marked its 8th successful year. With over 30 speakers and around 20 sponsors, this event brought together hundreds of attendees from diverse backgrounds. What amazed me was the well-curated lineup of speakers, covering diverse topics ranging from public speaking to accessibility and language-related sessions.

WordCamp Bhopal introduced me to the concept of local WordCamps, based on the five good-faith rules of WordPress. In the spirit of the same, WCBhopal prioritized sustainability and culture while welcoming first-timers as the core of the event. WordCamp Mumbai, on the other hand, focused on diversity, from the subject matter of the sessions to its special emphasis on accessibility and women’s empowerment.

Nirav Mehta
Sathish Kumar
Pooja Derashri


As an individual with a non-dev background and a first-time speaker at a primarily tech conference, I felt a significant responsibility on my shoulders. Coming from a legal background and being part of local tech communities, I’ve always aimed to help bridge the gap between the fields of law and technology. This opportunity paved a way for the same.

My presentation revolved around the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, of 2023, a groundbreaking legislation recently passed by the Indian Parliament. While the GDPR has been a global benchmark for the tech industry, this new Indian legislation is a crucial move in a rapidly developing country like India. I delved into the necessity and relevance of the DPDP Act, highlighting its key provisions and discussing how it can contribute to better compliance in the industry. While it may not be a complete solution, it’s an important step in addressing previously unmet requirements.

Please find my PPT below for your reference: –

The active and inquisitive audience added a special spark to my presentation, and I’m very thankful to the wonderful individuals I had the pleasure of meeting at the event.

What does the DPDP Act offer you amidst privacy concerns?


Immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this event and for the incredible support and warmth extended to me by the WordCamp Mumbai team and beyond. The support I received, not only from the local hosts but also from my brother who first introduced me to the world of WordCamps, as well as my family and friends, is beyond what I could ask for.

For me, WordCamp Mumbai 2023 was a journey of learning, networking, and inclusivity. This event showcased the power of community to bring people together from various backgrounds and professions. For me, it’s always about the people, and both the WordCamps I’ve been part of cover the spirit of family. In the spirit of simplicity and authenticity, WordCamp Mumbai 2023 will remain a cherished memory in my WordPress journey.

A token by WCMumbai
With Aditya Shah

Credits to the images from the event: Lokesh Prem Budhani & Harsh from Team WordCamp Mumbai.

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