To Hope & Serenity!

I have been trying to pen down this year-end post for a while now, but I believe there’s a bottleneck of emotions adding to this uphill battle. 2023 was a culmination of moments of pure bliss yet few bitter endings, risings of growth but along lurking shadows of realizations.

Dad says, do not despise anything in life, for it’s that paradox which will come back to you. And it does. Whatever in an individual I’ve ever despised, I’ve become that this while.

This year practically taught me how nobody is your own but your family, that you pave the way for your own self, that having a skill or an interest apart from being ‘industry-ready’ is so important an outlet, that you should be your priority, and that you attract fine people on your way up to the top. That it’s always about the ‘basics’ which matter. Adulthood is not about switching your emotions off when it gets too much to take in (Ref. The Vampire Diaries) but standing in front to face the situation while mustering all the courage it demands. You can’t be reduced by an ugly development. And so I refuse to yield to insignificance.

No matter the depth of connection you share(d) with somebody, how they made you feel is what would make them eternal. You'd still remember if not their words or their laughter, the kindness & the goodness they have shown towards you.

I am surrounded by inspiring individuals, who have purpose, resolutions, a heart to dream, the willpower, and the courage to work for them. I have been involved in events that have brought me immense growth- personally & professionally. I have been humbled by the endeavors & decisions we have signed up for, a few of which are now going to change our lives forever. Every event and every new development teaches you something, and it is indeed about learning to live till your last breath. What I have for you to keep close is faith in yourself, more than your destiny. Destiny will take you wherever you keep your faith.

So this new year is not about crying on the spilled milk, it is about moving on- beyond setbacks, shattered expectations, and fractured relationships. It’s about cherishing your existence, acknowledging the steps taken, setting boundaries and ardently forging ahead toward your purpose. The best way to go about this is taking the airplane route- First help thyself, then the world spectrum. It is about choosing to rise!

Be there for people, but not on the condition of your own neglect. Read more, learn more, explore more. Get fascinated more. Cry more, and then stand up more. Appreciate yourself & whatever you have in life more & remember, you don’t need social acceptance for patting your own back. Be proud of what the process makes of you.

People think life’s about avoiding getting knocked down. It’s not. It’s about learning to get back up.

Mark Manson

I am so thankful for the patience I’ve been handled with, the space I’ve been bestowed, and the wisdom I’ve been embedded with.

To hope and serenity!

Adding a few good posts I found on social media for you to ponder upon, maybe?

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